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ABF Honour Boards

A history of the ABF’s major events and overseas representatives originally compiled and maintained by Ben Thompson until June, 2002.  From March 2004, the archives have been maintained by Alan Walsh and Barbara McDonald.

Any comments or suggestions, please send to Alan and Barbara at archives@abf.com.au

Australian Representative Teams

Asia Cup Open/Mens Teams from 2010

Asia Cup Seniors’ Teams from 2014

Asia Cup Women’s Teams from 2010

Asia Cup Mixed Teams from 2018

Asia Cup Youth (Juniors’) Teams from 2014

Asia-Pacific Open Teams from 1967

Asia-Pacific Senior Teams from 2002

Asia-Pacific Women’s Teams from 1971

Asia-Pacific Mixed Teams from 2019

Asia-Pacific Youth Teams from 1990

Bermuda Bowl from 1971

Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships from 2002

d’Orsi Trophy from 2001 (previously Senior Bowl)

Venice Cup from 1978

Wuhan Cup from 2019

WBG Open Teams from 1960 (previously Olympiad)

WBG Senior Teams from 2000 (previously Olympiad)

WBG Women’s Teams from 1960 (previously Olympiad)

WBG Mixed Teams from 2016

World Youth Open Championships (previously World Youth Congress)

WMSG Youth Teams from 2008

World Youth Teams from 1989

Australian Teams Playoffs

Open from 1978

Senior from 2000

Women’s from 1984

Mixed from 2019

Australian Open Events

Autumn National Open Teams from 1993

Autumn Open Swiss Pairs from 2012

Australian Open Butler from 1967

Australian Open Individual 1962-1989

Australian Swiss Pairs (Tasmania) from 1993

Blue Ribbon Pairs from 1978

Bobby Richman Open Pairs (Gold Coast) from 1962

Coffs Coast Gold Swiss Pairs from 2009

Coffs Coast Gold Swiss Teams from 2009

Dick Cummings Open Swiss Pairs from 2001

Eric Parsons Pairs from 1996 (previously Barrier Reef Pairs)

Gold Coast Open Teams from 1962

Golden West Pairs from 1998

Grand National Open Teams from 1986

Interstate Open Pairs 1954-2009

Interstate Open Teams from 1933

John Brockwell Teams from 1996 (previously Barrier Reef Teams)

National Open Teams from 1973

National Swiss Pairs (Canberra) from 1996

Northern Territory Swiss Pairs from 2007

South West Pacific Teams from 2000

Spring National Open Teams from 1987

Swan River Swiss Pairs from 2003

Victor Champion Cup from 1979

Wally Scott Open Pairs (VCC) from 2011

Australian Men’s Events

Australian Men’s Pairs 1985-2004

Australian Women’s Events

Australian Women’s Butler from 1967

Australian Women’s Individual 1962-1989

Autumn Women’s Swiss Pairs from 2006

Gold Coast Women’s Teams from 2020

Hans Rosendorff Cup from 1992

Interstate Women’s Pairs 1954-2009

Interstate Women’s Teams from 1934

Linda Stern Women’s Teams from 1988

National Women’s Teams from 1981

Sara Tishler Women’s Swiss Pairs from 2005

Australian Mixed Events

Australian Mixed Butler from 2022

Autumn National Mixed Swiss Pairs from 2021

HGR Memorial Mixed Swiss Pairs from 2022

Interstate Mixed Pairs 1975-2009

Jim & Norma Borin Mixed Pairs from 2022

River City Gold Mixed Pairs from 2022

Spring National Mixed Teams from 2022

Summer Festival Mixed Matchpoint Pairs from 2024

TFOB Australian Mixed Swiss Pairs from 2023

Val & John Brockwell Mixed Teams from 2022

Australian Youth Events

Australian Youth Team Selection from 1993

Interstate Youth Pairs 1991-2009

Interstate Youth Teams from 1982

National Youth Pairs from 1969

National Youth Teams from 1969

Australian Senior Events

Australian Senior Butler from 2000

Autumn Senior Swiss Pairs from 2003

Bobby Evans Senior Teams from 2001

Gold Coast Senior Pairs from 2002

Gold Coast Senior Teams from 2001

Interstate Seniors Pairs 1996-2009

Interstate Senior Teams from 1993

McCance Trophy from 2001

National Senior Teams from 1998

Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs from 2005

Western Senior Pairs from 2003