ABF Council 2020 – 2022


ABF Council 2020 – 2022

The ABF Council for 2020 to 2022 is:

ACT: Roy Nixon, Ian Thomson (Treasurer)
NSW: Julian Foster, Rob Ward (MC Member)
NT: Mairead Kelly; Neil Williams
QLD: Therese Tully; (Vacant)
SA: Adel Abdelhamid (MC Member), Barbara Travis
TAS: Dallas Cooper, Malcolm Sherlock
VIC: Kim Frazer (Secretary), Christopher Leach
WA: Allison Stralow (President), Robina McConnell
Supplemental Councillors: Laurie Kelso, Peter Reynolds
Legal Counsel: Geoff Chettle
Assisting the council are:
Executive Secretary: Jane Rasmussen
Deputy Legal Counsel: Prof Michael Bryan

Queensland will advise the name of the second council delegate after the QBA Management Committee meeting in late May.

The ABF Management Committee thanks our retiring councillors, some of whom have served on the ABF Council for several years:Marianne Bookallil A.C.T, Richard Wallis QLD; Judy Herring N.T. and Richard Douglas N.S.W.

Sadly Bill Lockwood S.A. passed away earlier this year. He was a vocal member of the ABF Council who was always willing to share his ideas. The ABF have sent condolences to SABA, his family and his friends. 

The council can be found on the ABF website at:

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