ABF Executive Director


ABF Executive Director

David Fryda and Allison Stralow

I am pleased to announce the Board has employed David Fryda ( david.fryda@abf.com.au )  to the position of ABF Executive Director, effective 1 November 2023. David will make recommendations to the Council and the Board for the adoption of policies promoting the objects of the ABF and give effect to recommendations made by the Council or Board. He will also oversee employees and contractors of the ABF.

David is a highly regarded IT professional, including over a decade in the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO). His extensive experience encompasses leadership of both large and small teams, strategy development and implementation, as well as adept stakeholder engagement within intricate organisational landscapes. Following his retirement from full-time positions in 2017 David transitioned into the roles of consultant, coach, and educator. David was also the captain of our Australian Open Team in 2023.

The Council and Board look forward to working with David to promote the objects of the ABF.

Allison Stralow
ABF President

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