ABF Leadership Changes


ABF Leadership Changes

At the ABF’s Annual General Meeting held in Canberra on 24-25 May, the ABF Management Committee for the period 2014-2016 was announced as follows:

  • Bruce Neill, New South Wales (National President)
  • Allison Stralow, Western Australia (National Secretary)
  • Roy Nixon, Australian Capital Territory (ABF Treasurer)
  • Dallas Cooper, Tasmania (Committee member)
  • Simon Hinge, Victoria (Committee member)

and the General Counsel for the ABF is Russel Harms.

The outgoing President Keith McDonald, Secretary Dianne Marler and General Counsel Eilis Magner were thanked for their long and valuable contributions to the ABF.

From the ABF President – Bruce Neill

As a person who has loved bridge for more years than I want to count, and has had many good experiences as a bridge player, I am pleased to have the opportunity to put something back into the game as the ABF President. I know that many people working on ABF and State and Territory committees do so for the same reason. I thank them all.

I also thank Keith McDonald as outgoing ABF President for his long and valuable service. It’s good that he will still be available as “President Emeritus” to remind us of ABF history and share his extensive experience.

I am a firm believer in the benefits of bridge for both social and mental health, for the fierce competitors among us and for those who enjoy a social game.

As well as supporting the top of the competitive pyramid, international teams and national championships, the ABF also importantly works with States and Territories to provide support to clubs and players – eg marketing, teacher training etc. The ABF Council discussed our priorities at the May Annual General Meeting and listed them as:

  1. enhancing the enjoyment / experience of players
  2. increasing the number of active players; and
  3. performing well at international championships.

As the new ABF President, I and the incoming Management Committee will do our utmost to continue to deliver on all these fronts.

We also aim to improve how the ABF Management Committee works and how we work together effectively and respectfully with members of the ABF Council and State and Territory Committees for the benefit of our wonderful sport.

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