ABF Management Committee Meeting April 28-29, 2018


ABF Management Committee Meeting April 28-29, 2018

ABF Management Committee changes

At the ABF’s Annual General Meeting held in Canberra on 28th and 29th April, the ABF Management Committee for the period 2018-2020 was announced as follows:
• Allison Stralow, Western Australia (President)
• Kim Frazer, Victoria (Secretary)
• Roy Nixon, Australian Capital Territory (Treasurer)
• Dallas Cooper, Tasmania (Committee member)
• Therese Tully, Queensland (Committee member)

Geoffrey Chettle replaces Russel Harms as General Counsel for the ABF.

The outgoing President Bruce Neill and General Counsel Russel Harms are thanked for their long and valuable contributions to the ABF.

Bruce Neill was elected as President Emeritus for a term of 2 years. His knowledge and experience of the history of the ABF will be invaluable to the new ABF Management Committee.

ABF Council changes

Phil Gue (S.A), Graham Rusher (QLD) and Bruce Neill (N.S.W) retired from Council. Council thanks them all for their valuable and generous contributions.
Council welcomed Therese Tully (QLD), Adel Abdelhamid (S.A) and Richard Douglas (N.S.W) as Councillors.
Council re-elected David Morgan and Dr Laurie Kelso from Victoria as Supplemental Councillors,

Youth Bridge

Newly appointed Youth Development Officers Leigh Gold and Bianca Gold have submitted a strategic plan and budget for youth bridge which has been accepted.


Council considered the increasing requirements for technology improvements in the modern age. The Management Committee has agreed to call for Expressions of Interest for the position of Technology Co-ordinator. Consideration is also being given to the management of player data to enable improved communication with our members.

The ABF has established a project to introduce an improved Online Entry and Payment Gateway for National Tournaments. Julian Foster has been appointed to manage the project on behalf of the ABF.

ABF Constitution and Governance

Two Constitutional amendments were proposed and passed, receiving the necessary three-quarters majority of Council votes. The ABF Secretary will circulate the amended Constitution to States and Territories for their approval. The details are appended to this communique.

Additionally consideration of the governance model for the ABF will be undertaken.

Capitation and Masterpoint Fees

Council agreed to a recommendation from the Treasurer that we set up an annual increase in Masterpoint and Capitation fees. Effective 1st April 2019 the Capitation Fee will increase 4.9% to $15.80 for a full year and $7.90 for 6 months. In subsequent years fees will increase by annual CPI.


The AGM asked the Tournament Committee to consider how the annual calendar of national events might be better structured to address conflicting events and timing implications.

Australia has been asked to consider hosting the APBF in 2020, and the MC is considering the cost, timing and location of the event before making a final decision.

The ABF has accepted the Regulations Committee recommendation to discontinue the use of ‘STOP’ cards.

The ABF will be actively working on a solution for the continued incidence of overseas and other players who have extensive prior experience entering restricted events.

The WBF has announced the inclusion of Mixed Teams at the World Bridge Teams Championships from 2019. The ABF Tournament and Management Committees will discuss the selection method and level of subsidy, if any, at their June meetings.


In 2018, the GNOT subsidies will continue to support the cost of air travel to the venue for players. Following feedback from players on the changes made to GNOT subsidies in 2017.the Council agreed to the following changes to the GNOT purchase of tickets via the ABF
Key changes in 2018 are:
• Players will have more control over the timing of their travel.
• Bookings will be made in consultation with team captains who will consult their team members.
• Alterations to travel arrangements after the tickets have been issued will be permitted, however the traveller will bear the cost of alterations, not the ABF.
• Team members who wish to make their own arrangements will be permitted to do so.
• In this case, ABF subsidy/travel support will be provided to a maximum of four team members, and it will be the responsibility of the team to co-ordinate the distribution of subsidies within the team.
• Players will receive an air fare equivalent to the best available economy airfare of the day as at September 1 2018 less 10%. Payments will be made to the players at the GNOT via transfer to the designated bank account for the team.
• Players who undertake their own arrangements will bear responsibility for any costs which might arise due to cancellations or changes. ABF insurance will not cover these players.
• Team captains should notify the ABF Treasurer of their team’s required travel arrangements no later than 10 days after the conclusion of the qualifying event in their region.

WBF Event in Australia

The ABF Council decided that the ABF will not proceed with negotiations to stage a WBF Championship Event in Australia in 2021. We would have liked to do so, but cannot contemplate the substantial costs that this would impose on the ABF.

Feedback and Future Meetings

The Management Committee welcomes feedback and suggestions on the above matters or other subjects.
The next MC Meeting is June 23rd and 24th June 2018. The draft agenda will be circulated.
ABF Council confirmed the Mid-Term General Meeting date as October 27 2018 in Sydney.
The 2019 Annual General Meeting will be held on April 27-28, 2019.

ABF Management Committee:

Allison Stralow (President), Kim Frazer (Secretary), Roy Nixon (Treasurer),
Dallas Cooper, Therese Tully (MC Members)
Geoffrey Chettle (General Counsel), Bruce Neill President Emeritus),
Jane Rasmussen (Executive Secretary)

2 May 2018.

Appendix – Constitutional Amendments presented to the AGM

Motion 1, Accepted by Council
To amend Clause 14 (1) of the Constitution by adding immediately after the word “law” and before the words “in a State or Territory” the words: “or being a current, reserve or retired Judicial Officer”
14. (1) At each Annual General Meeting at which the term of the General Counsel is due to expire the Council may if it so desires appoint an ABF registered player (being a person entitled to practise law or being a current, reserve or retired Judicial Officer in a State or Territory of the Commonwealth but not being a Councillor) as General Counsel of the Federation for a term of two years expiring at the Annual General Meeting in such second year.

Motion 2, Accepted by Council
To amend Clause 10 of the Constitution by adding a further sub-clause 10 (9) as follows: –
“10 (9) An officer shall, at the expiration of any term of election or appointment, be eligible for re-election or re-appointment save that no person may serve as an officer in the same capacity (other than as the Public Officer) for more than eight (8) consecutive years except by a specific resolution of Council authorising such re-election or reappointment notwithstanding the provisions of this clause.”

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