ABF Management Committee Meeting August 2-3, 2014


ABF Management Committee Meeting August 2-3, 2014

Major Items & Decisions

  1. At the opening of the meeting, the Management Committee noted with great regret the loss of Eilis Magner, who was ABF General Counsel for 16 years. Her loss is greatly felt.
  2. The Management Committee considered the Governance Paper prepared by the ABF Governance Committee. State and Territory associations have been invited to provide feedback to the Chair of the Governance Committee by 31 August 2014. General Counsel will circulate a commentary on legal aspects of the proposed options to assist States and Territories.
  3. The WBF President, Gianarrigo Rona, will again visit the Gold Coast Congress 2015. The WBF has asked Australia to consider hosting a World Championship beyond 2018; we last did so in 1989 in Perth. The President and Treasurer will prepare a paper, for presentation and discussion at the November ABF Council meeting.
  4. The Management Committee considered a financial strategy paper prepared by the Treasurer and Finance Committee. This will be circulated to Councillors soon for discussion at Council’s next meeting in November.
  5. The Management Committee considered feedback from the three States which participated in the trial of awarding Gold Points for certain State events. The feedback indicated that the trial did not appear to have materially increased participation in these events. The MC decided that the trial will finish after 31/12/2014. From 2015, Gold Points will again only be allocated for ABF and ABF licensed events and GNOT qualifying.
  6. The MC has authorised the ABF Marketing Officer to issue an invitation this month, calling for applications for 2015 Special Marketing Grants.
  7. The Technology Committee is to explore the potential to develop a secure sharable facility for accepting entries and payments to participating tournaments.
  8. The ABF will prepare and adopt a Privacy Policy. State and Territory associations may also need to set up their own policies.
  9. TBIB Insurance Brokers gave the Management Committee an update on its insurance offerings to the Bridge Community. The ABF will renew the Voluntary Workers policy in August at a $1,500 saving on last year with no decrease in cover. This covers volunteers working for the ABF, State and Territory Associations, and affiliated clubs. States and Territories may wish to publicise this benefit to their affiliated clubs on websites and in newsletters etc.
  10. The ABF Women’s Committee is about to roll out the first Pacific Asia On-line Women’s Bridge Festival, expected to be held from Monday 1st to Friday 5th September 2014.
  11. General Counsel will review the ABF’s regulations relating to disciplinary processes.
  12. General Counsel is developing a policy on caring for minors, covering under-18 international representatives, players in Open and Youth events, and caddies and other assistants.
  13. The MC wishes to thank the NSW Bridge Association and the Organiser Marcia Scudder for successfully hosting the Australian National Championships last month.
  14. The MC wishes good luck to the Teams representing Australia at the 15th World Youth Teams Championships in Istanbul from August 13 – 23, and at the 4th Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships in Glasgow from September 8 – 13.In Istanbul, Andy Hung is NPC and Alex Smirnov is coach of both teams:
    • The Girls Team is Lauren Travis, Ellena Moskovsky, Renee Cooper, Jess Brake ,Ella Pattison,  and Kirsty Fuller.
    • The Junior Team is Nabil Edgtton, Laura Ginnan, Justin HOWARD, Jamie Thompson,  Stephen Williams.

    In Glasgow, the teams are

    • Ishmael Del’Monte, Peter Hollands, Nye Griffiths, Andy Hung, Adam Edgtton and Liam Milne together with non-playing Captain, Michael Whibley and Coach, Alex Smirnov
    • Margaret Bourke, Sue Lusk, Barbara Travis and Candice Ginsberg
  15. The MC welcomes feedback and suggestions on the above matters or other subjects. Next Meeting is Sept 20-21, 2014.

ABF Management Committee:
Bruce Neill (Pres), Allison Stralow (Sec), Roy Nixon (Tres), Dallas Cooper, Simon Hinge
Russel Harms (General Counsel), Jane Rasmussen (Executive Sec), Keith McDonald (Pres Emeritus)
3 August 2014.

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