ABF Management Committee Meeting February 26th and 27th, 2021


ABF Management Committee Meeting February 26th and 27th, 2021

Major Items and Decisions

The first face-to-face meeting of the ABF Management Committee, since the SFOB 2020, was held at the SA Bridge Association. The Management Committee thanks the SA Bridge Association for the use of the premises and for their hospitality.

Breaking News

After many months of negotiation, the QBA Manager, Kim Ellaway, has secured the use of the Gold Coast Convention Centre for the 19th-26 February 2022 Gold Coast Congress.

ANC 2021 Perth

The programme for the ANC Perth has been finalised. The Swan River Swiss Pairs will run on 10-11 July followed by the ANC Teams and the Butler. Congress events will run each morning and afternoon from Monday 12th July. The Management Committee is pleased to continue to offer funding to support two restricted pairs from each State and Territory to compete in the 2021 ANC Restricted Pairs event.

A Mixed Pairs Butler will be added in 2021. It will be a similar format to Women’s and Seniors’ Butlers and Mixed Playoff points will be awarded.

Tournament Committee Recommendations for Playoffs to select 2022 Australian Teams

The Management Committee accepted the recommendation that PQP’s awarded for events held between 1 October 2019 and 30 September 2021 will be added together and count toward the 2021 playoff for the Open, Women and Seniors’ events. The format and timing of the Playoffs will be announced once we have a better understanding of what international travel will be permitted by the Australian Government.

The Mixed Playoff will be held concurrently with the Women’s and Seniors’ Playoffs. Mixed Playoff points will be awarded at the following events:

  • ANOT Swiss Pairs -Mixed
  • VCC Swiss Pairs – Mixed
  • ANC Mixed Butler
  • Canberra in Bloom Mixed
  • 2021 Spring Nationals Mixed Teams

New Masterpoint Ranking

A number of Masterpoint Award certificates welcoming club players to the new ‘One Thousand Club’ have been presented at clubs. Players who have acquired 1000 masterpoints but do not have sufficient gold and/or red points to achieve the rank of Grand Master were pleased to receive the recognition.

National Director Development Restructuring

Following feedback from States and Territories, the MC agreed that the Director Development Program as circulated is to be adopted.


My ABF Update

My ABF has 550 registered users and entries and payments for the first congresses have been taken through the system. The first ABF Licensed events, the ANOT, and the Western Seniors are available for entries. Clubs can also list congresses and accept online payments from players through the “bridge credits” facility.

The new Developer is working on the next major phase of the project, which is due for release later this year. This phase will allow clubs to accept bridge credits for regular club sessions as well as for congresses. That will enable paying for bridge to be truly cashless.

Contact Julian Foster at Julian.foster@abf.com.au for more information. Sign up at www.myabf.com.au/view.

Risk Management

The Management Committee has begun a step-by-step approach to help identify, assess, monitor and manage the risks of our organisation. The Risk Management Strategy will consider risks in the 5 key areas of Reputation, Growth, Management, Business (tournaments) and Financial.

ABF Foundation Trustees

The ABF considered and endorsed a request from the ABF Foundation to hold a Charity event as a fund-raiser for the foundation on Real Bridge. Details will be on the ABF Website once they are finalised.

Committee Updates

The Management Committee ratified the addition of Robina McConnell, Charles Page and Ian Thomson to the Ethics Committee. The full committee is: Chair, Geoff Chettle, Simon Hinge, Julia Hoffman, Michael Bryan, Robina McConnell, Charles Page and Ian Thomson.

The composition of the ABF Technology Steering Committee has changed to include a mixture of skills, such as end users, marketing and finance. We thank the outgoing members and welcome the new members. The full committee is: Chair, Stephen Fischer, Mark Guthrie, Peter Reynolds, John Grosvenor and Robina McConnell.

Feedback & Future Meetings

The Management Committee welcomes feedback and suggestions on the above matters or other subjects. The Annual General Meeting will be held on 17th and 18th April in Canberra. An ABFMC Meeting will follow on Monday 19th April.

2020- 2022 ABF Management Committee

Allison Stralow (President), Kim Frazer (Secretary), Ian Thomson, (Treasurer), Adel Abdelhamid, Rob Ward
Jane Rasmussen (Executive Secretary), Geoff Chettle (Legal Counsel), Michael Bryan (Deputy Legal Counsel)

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