ABF Management Committee Meeting June 23, 2018


ABF Management Committee Meeting June 23, 2018

Mixed Team Playoff, 2019

Save the Date: Australia Day Weekend, Sydney 2019

The WBF have introduced a mixed team category at World events.

Following player feedback, the ABF will conduct a mixed team playoff in Sydney on the Australia Day Weekend. In 2019 this event will be an open entry to teams of 4 or 6 players who play as mixed pairs.  The Management Committee is very pleased that Marcia Scudder had agreed to be the Tournament Organiser of this event. Further information will be available soon via the ABF website.

Youth Week, 5th – 11th January 2019

The Management Committee confirmed the appointment of Leigh and Bianca Gold as the Tournament Organisers of Youth Week 2019. It will be held at Burton and Garran Hall, ANU. This venue has been designated as an alcohol free space for the duration of youth week.

ABF National Technology Officer and an Assistant SFOB Tournament Organiser.

Expressions of interest have closed for the above positions and Interviews have commenced. The Management Committee hopes to make an announcement of the successful applicants in August.

Appeals Process at National Events

Consistent with developments at major international events where the use of Appeals Committees has been discontinued, the Management Committee discussed moving away from an Appeals Process to the use of a Review Process. More work will need to be done before this can be implemented at events.

APBF 2020

The APBF has asked Australia if we are interested in hosting the 2020 Asia Pacific Bridge Federation Congress.  After discussions with the ABF Council and States, preliminary negotiations are currently being held with BAWA to investigate the possibility of holding the event in Perth.

Asia Cup

3rd Asia Cup – Australia on the podium. Congratulations to the Mixed Team of Matthew Thomson (captain), David Beauchamp, Cathyrn Herden and Jodi Tutty who qualified in 1st place and went on to win the gold medal. They dedicated their win to Margaret Bourke who had to pull out of the competition due to ill health. Also, congratulations to the Women’s Team of Sheila Bird, Eva Caplan, Karen Creet, Jane Reynolds, Jenny Thompson and Viv Wood (Kim Morrison NPC) who won the playoff and taking the bronze medal. In the pairs events Pauline Gumby and Warren Lazer finished 2nd in the Mixed Pairs and Sartaj Hans and Andy Hung finished 2nd in the Men’s.

Experienced players playing in restricted events

To avoid experienced overseas players who settle in Australia from playing in restricted events, a process to manage the masterpoint status of these players is being implemented.

Also following complaints from ABF restricted players about there not being a level playing field for Grand Slam Bridge Club players entering novice and restricted national events, the ABF and Grand Slam Clubs are cooperating to introduce, eligibility requirements that prevent Grand Slam players from competing in events for which they are demonstrably over qualified.

Feedback & Future Meetings

The Management Committee welcomes feedback and suggestions on the above matters or other subjects. The next MC Meeting is September 8th and 9th 2018.

2018- 2020 ABF Management Committee


Geoff Chettle (Legal Counsel), Roy Nixon, (Treasurer), Dallas Cooper, Allison Stralow (President), Kim Frazer (Secretary), Therese Tully, Bruce Neill (President Emeritus)
Taking the photo, Jane Rasmussen (Executive Secretary)


26 June 2018

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