ABF Management Committee Meeting November 8-9, 2014


ABF Management Committee Meeting November 8-9, 2014

Major Items & Decisions

Marketing – Special Project Grants

  1. The ABF received seven proposals in response to an invitation to apply for Special Marketing Grants in 2015. The MC considered the proposals, and the recommendations of the Marketing Committee. All projects will be advised of the MC decision before the end of November.

Tournament Matters

  1. Byes at the ANC: Council & MC recognised there is a wide range of views on this subject. MC will ask the TC to explore details of alternatives to reduce the impact of byes. Existing arrangements will continue at the 2015 Perth ANC.
  2. ABF Council discussed the policy on scheduling national events to minimise conflict. In summary, existing events are entitled to remain in their current timeslots; weighting will be given to minimising conflict in adding future national events.
  3. MC will discuss with National Directors how we might improve procedures to handle inappropriate behaviour by players, both at the table and subsequently.


  1. Council agreed that changes to the Constitution and By Laws should be drafted for consideration at the 2015 AGM. The Governance Committee and General Counsel will finalise the details.

International events

  1. Council authorised MC to talk to the World Bridge Federation about the possibility of hosting a World Championships, without commitment at this stage. Australia last hosted Open and Women’s World Championships in 1989, and a Youth Championships in 2005. We will arrange discussions with WBF officials.

Policies & Procedures

  1. Advertising via ABF media: to guard against trade practices breaches etc, advertisers will be asked to accept our terms and conditions and give an indemnity. General Counsel will finalise details.
  2. Work continues on a policy for protection of minors. National Directors and T.O. of ABF licensed events should note, they are likely to need “Working with Children Check” if they are working with caddies under 18 years of age or running a Youth Tournament or directing any Tournament in which players under 18 are playing.


  1. ABF Council believes that implementation of a nation-wide ranking scheme is not a priority. MC will explore the possible use of a simpler, more limited approach.
  2. The ABF Technology Committee is exploring possible use of BBO online tournaments in the Australian bridge environment. Any proposal emerging will be circulated to Council members before consideration by MC.


  1. At the recent Sydney Spring National Bridge Festival, the Tournament Committee conducted feedback sessions with interested players about possible changes the timing and format of playoffs to select Australian representative teams. (No changes will come in before 2016/2017.) We intend to have more feedback sessions on a range of topics at future national events, including the Summer Festival in January.


  1. The MC congratulates Tim Bourke of Canberra on winning the IBPA’s Master Point Press Book of the Year award with Britain’s Justin Corfield, for their book The Art of Declarer Play.
  2. In a highly creditable performance in a world class field, Nye Griffiths and Liam Milne finished 9th in the Final of the Open Pairs at the Red Bull World Bridge Series in Sanya, China.

Future Meetings

The MC welcomes feedback and suggestions on the above matters or other subjects. Next meeting is December 13-14, 2014.

ABF Management Committee:
Bruce Neill (President), Allison Stralow (Secretary), Roy Nixon (Treasurer),
Dallas Cooper, Simon Hinge (MC Members)
Russel Harms (General Counsel), Keith McDonald (President Emeritus)
Jane Rasmussen (Executive Secretary)
09 November 2014.

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