ABF Newsletter (August 2018)


ABF Newsletter (August 2018)

PDF File ABF Newsletter – August 2018

Editor: Barbara Travis
Email:  editor@abf.com.au

Articles of Interest and Information

Feature Articles
Goan Gold for our Mixed Team: Jodi Tutty
Our Women in Goa – Bronze Medallists
Autumn National Open Pairs: Matt Smith
VCC Open Swiss Pairs: James Coutts
Victor Champion Cup: Matt Smith
3rd Asia Cup Men’s Teams: Andy Hung
Last Board: Ron Klinger
Last Board: The 2018 US Trials

Regular Articles
President’s Report: Allison Stralow
Around the Clubs
Letters to the Editor
IPPTF Report: Kim Frazer
Major Tournament Results
My Favourite Hand: Warren Lazer
How Would You Play? Barbara Travis
ABF News
Coup of the Month: Brian Senior
Improve Your Defence: Ron Klinger
Book Review
Coaching Cathy at Contract: David Lusk
Common Mistakes: Barbara Travis
Improving Your 1NT Structure: Andy Hung
Basic Bridge 101: Chris Hughes
Bridge into the 21st Century: Paul Lavings

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