ABF Newsletter (May 2017)


ABF Newsletter (May 2017)

PDF File ABF Newsletter – May 2017

Articles of Interest and Information

Feature Stories
Gold Coast Congress: an Overseas Perspective
Gold Coast Open Pairs: Justin Mill (formerly Howard)
ABF: GNOT Update
ABF: New Laws of Duplicate Bridge
Gold Coast Open Teams: Liam Milne
Seres-McMahon Butler Pairs: John Brockwell
Duck Season or Wabbit Season?: Chris Depasquale
Counting: Tim Bourke
Roger Penny Swiss Pairs: Warren Lazer
Regular Articles
Player Profile: Traian Chira
ABF President’s Report: Bruce Neill
ABF Teachers’ Corner: Joan Butts
Major National Tournament Results
Letters to the Editor
International Player Taskforce Report
Improve Your Defence: Ron Klinger
Coup 2: The Bath Coup: Brian Senior
My Favourite Hand: Ron Klinger
Coaching Cathy at Contract: David Lusk
Common Mistakes: Barbara Travis
Bridge into the 21st Century: Paul Lavings

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