ABF Newsletter (October 2021)


ABF Newsletter (October 2021)

October 2021

The ABF Newsletter is presented in FlipBook format but if you prefer the PDF version you can view it at ABF Newsletter – October 2021 (PDF) or by clicking the Download arrow within the FlipBook.

Editor: Brad Coles
Email:  editor@abf.com.au


President’s Report: Allison Stralow
Event Report: 2021 HGR Swiss Pairs
ABF Board News
ABF Marketing Report: Peter Cox
ABF Youth Initiatives: Kim Frazer
MyABF Update: Julian Foster
Teaching Tips: Ian Dalziel
Bidding Judgement: Paul Marston
Youth Bridge News: Rebecca O’Reilly
Improve Your Defence: Ron Klinger
Around The Clubs
Sorry Partner: Catherine Harris
How Would You Play? Barbara Travis
ABF Education: Joan Butts
Workshops With Will: William Jenner-O’Shea
Grand National Novice Pairs: Laura Ginnan
Event Report: 2021 Australia-Wide Novice Pairs
A Game At The Club: Barbara Travis
Drop-Dead Stayman: Gordon Bower
Bridge Into The 21st Century: Paul Lavings
Beginners’ Lessons Online: Kay Moyes

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