ABF Online Intermediate and Advanced Lessons


ABF Online Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

Will Jenner-O’Shea has recently been approved as the ABF’s Online Teacher for Intermediate and Advanced Lessons.

There will be online lessons run a few times a month. You can view them by logging onto the MyABF site, and searching for Congresses and filtering by Lessons.

The first lesson will be held Saturday May 28th, 1PM Eastern, 12:30pm Adelaide, 11am Perth.

No-Trumps Declarer Play. 

  • Deciding when to hold up a stopper, and how long to hold up for. 
  • Which suit or suits to establish, and how to establish them. 
  • The concept of safe and danger hands for helping you decide how to play.

Book here: www.myabf.com.au/events/congress/view/296

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