ABF Youth Development Officers appointed


ABF Youth Development Officers appointed

The ABF Management Committee appointed Leigh Gold and Bianca Gold as Youth Development Officers effective from 1 April 2018.

The main responsibilities and duties of the position include:

  • Recommend initiatives to the management group of the ABF and then, upon acceptance, ensure that the subsequent guidelines are implemented and managed;
  • Develop a relevant annual plan for the national youth bridge scene with recommendations relating to:
    • expanding the pool of youth players locally and nationally;
    • establishing regular communication channels with youth players using appropriate electronic media to enhance the marketing of national youth events.
    • increasing youth presence at our major national events (with assistance from the States/Territories)
    • the future of Youth Week;
    • using performance indicators to monitor and then report on the success or otherwise of initiatives to the ABF Management Committee;
    • any other initiatives to support the development of youth bridge.
  • Improving the way, we prepare our international teams to represent Australia at WBF and PABF target events through, inter alia;
    • identifying individuals who can actively work with our group of more talented youth partnerships and players on the development of their game.
    • arranging periodic team training sessions
    • utilising assistance from ABF HQ:
      • provide administrative support to mentors training the youth teams both in Australia and overseas so that the players, captains and coaches are not burdened with additional responsibilities;
      • This support may include travel arrangements, uniforms and accommodation;
    • Maintain information on youth player performances as input to team selection;
  • Preparation of funding requests to access funds to support national and international youth initiatives from the Youth Budget and the Friends of Youth Bridge Fund and consider possible fund-raising initiatives.

The ABF Youth Development Officers can be contacted at youth@abf.com.au


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