ANC Restricted Butler Subsidy Changes


ANC Restricted Butler Subsidy Changes

The subsidy was introduced when the ANC was held in Perth, the most expensive destination. For future ANCs we are changing our subsidy policy so that the subsidy will be more aligned with the distance to be travelled.

The ABF has reviewed the subsidies it gives to TWO restricted pairs from each State and Territory (except the host state) and has determined that it is more equitable to provide the per pair subsidy in the form of:

  • two return air tickets from their nearest capital/regional city to Canberra OR
  • a capped car allowance of 30 cents per kilometre with a maximum round trip of 1400 kilometres or $420 per pair.  PLUS
  • a shared accommodation/per diem allowance of $500. PLUS  
  • their entry fee to the ANC Restricted Butler Pairs event in Canberra on 22 and 23 July 2017.

Terms and conditions: 

  1. Air tickets will be purchased by the ABF, not the travellers. Travellers will be asked for their preferred travel dates.  
  2. The total subsidy (excluding entry fee) per pair is capped at a maximum of $2,000+ GST. if the airfares cost more than $2,200 then no further subsidy will be paid.  
  3. Any flight changes made after the booking is confirmed will be at the travellers cost not the ABF.
  4. If a pair withdraws from the event for whatever reason, any cancellation charges will be borne by the traveller not the ABF.
  5. Car and accommodation allowances will be paid at the ANC on 22 July 2017. 
  6. States and Territories must advise winning pairs immediately of these subsidy terms and conditions, and ask them to contact Roy Nixon at soon as possible after they receive this advice. 

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