Australian Playoffs – Discussion Paper


Australian Playoffs – Discussion Paper

The ABF Tournament Committee has reviewed the timing and format of the Playoffs to select the Australian representative teams for different years of the 4-year International Representation cycle.

The document below outlines suggestions for a permanent position on the calendar for the Playoffs, taking into account the issues affecting its choice. The document also outlines the suggested formats for the Playoffs for different years in the International Representation cycle of four year.

PDF File Playoffs Discussion Paper 

All interested parties are invited to comment by email to

It is anticipated that when these comments are considered a decision can be made which will be instituted for 2017 Representation.

In summary, the TC recommends that the Open and Women’s Playoffs be held in early December each year, and that the format follows the current practice of Teams-based selection in all years except even non-leap years (2018, 2022 …) when it will be Pairs-based. 

The deadline for comments is 30th November, 2014.


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