Australian Seniors and Women Win Zone 7 Playoffs


Australian Seniors and Women Win Zone 7 Playoffs

Australia Seniors

Australia Seniors Team – Terry Brown, Avi Kanetkar, John McIlrath (NPC), Paul Lavings, George Bilski, Chris Hughes, Robert Krochmalik

Australia Women

Australia Women’s Team – Nevena Djurovic, Margaret Bourke, Barbara Travis, Candice Ginsberg, Elizabeth Havas, Sue Lusk, Howard Melbourne (NPC)

As neither French Polynesia nor New Caledonia entered the Zone 7 playoffs it was a two way playoff between Australia and New Zealand in each of the Open, Women and Seniors divisions.

Australia won the Seniors when NZ conceded after three quarters (168-66), the Women won in four sets (133-110) and the Open team was beaten (219-97).

These and other results are available from the China BF website:

Results are also available on the APBF Website.

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