Betty’s Story


Betty’s Story

betty's story

People who play Bridge: “The Game Changer: Betty’s Story”

Betty teaches Bridge to young indigenous people in prison. What if learning to play Bridge could change your life?
The filmmakers, Lisa Eismen of u n me films and Peta Carney of Cool White Bunnie Productions are seeking your support for the first “The Game Changer: Betty’s Story” shoot, to take place in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia in late May 2013.
We have obtained permission from the Department of Correctional Services, NT, to film Betty teaching her students in Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre.
Our indiegogo crowd funding campaign for this first shoot is live, here. With indiegogo, giving is two-way. In return for support we are offering DVDs, credits and even web sites!!
You may have heard about the People who play Bridge documentary project in recent ABF publications. We would be most appreciative if you can help by letting your club members know about our campaign.
Thank you
Peta and Lisa

check out the links below!

meet Betty on indiegogo
cool white bunnie productions
u n me films

u n me films and cool white bunnie productions present

“The Game Changer: Betty’s Story”

The first in the observational documentary series about People who play Bridge.

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