Bonus for PQPs earned in Partnerships


Bonus for PQPs earned in Partnerships

Earlier this year the Tournament Committee sought player feedback on a proposal to modify the rules about PQPs won in a “unit”.  Only two players responded to the proposal to better reward performance by a partnership.  Both supported the proposed changes which would help strengthen partnerships, a recommendation from the International Player Performance Committee.

The previous rule for entering the playoffs discounted by 50% PQPs not won in a unit with another member of the proposed team.  This rule is no longer in effect.

This has now been replaced by a modified rule for the 2019 playoffs that doubles PQPs won when playing in a partnership with the partner with whom you enter the playoffs.  Players should take note of their responsibility for ensuring that accurate information about partnerships is entered into Bridgemates.


Modified PQP Rule:

Eligible pairs will earn the Partnership Bonus (100% of the PQPs) provided they play a designated number of stanzas in each stage of an event.

The designated number of stanzas for greater than 4 stanzas in a stage is calculated by subtracting one from the number of stanzas in the stage, dividing by two, and rounding down.

The designated number of stanzas to achieve the Partnership Bonus if there 1 to 4 stanzas in a stage is equal to the current PQP rule.

Other Rules:

Byes, Forfeits: Where not all teams in the event receive a bye, or a team forfeits or concedes, then for the purposes of the Partnership Bonus PQP rule all pairs will be deemed to have played (much like the current forfeit / concede rule).

Players are responsible for inputting correct line ups into the electronic scorers and the Partnership Bonus will be based on these entries and posted on the web (similar to datums). There will be a one-week correction period.


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