Format for Australian Playoffs: Discussion Paper


Format for Australian Playoffs: Discussion Paper

Format for Australian Playoffs: Discussion Paper

Following consultation with players by the ABF Tournament Committee, changes were made to the timing and sequencing of the playoffs to select the Australian representative teams.  Beginning with the 2017 teams, the playoff for the Open team will be held in November of the preceding year, with the Women’s and Seniors’ playoffs to be held concurrently in December.  In addition, in every even non-leap year (that is, 2018, 2022 and so on, when the WBF championship event is open to all comers, not for national teams only) our Australian teams will be chosen by a pairs-based, rather than teams-based, playoff.

Players also expressed views on the format of the playoffs.  As a result, the ABF Tournament Committee has prepared a consultation paper for those years when selection is teams-based.

Discussion Paper

All interested parties are invited to comment by email to

After comments have been considered, the TC will make a recommendation to the ABF Management Committee (MC) for implementation in the playoffs to select Australia’s teams for 2017 (i.e. in November and December 2016).

In summary, the TC recommends that all teams-based playoffs – for women and seniors as well as for the open – consist only of 112-board knockout matches, with teams ranked according to the total number of PQPs earned by the team.

The deadline for comments is 31 August, 2015 so that the TC can consider responses at its meeting on 5 September.

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