GNOT National Final – Number of Teams and Subsidy Arrangements


GNOT National Final – Number of Teams and Subsidy Arrangements

As foreshadowed in earlier announcements, the ABF is making changes to the number of teams participating in the National Final and the subsidy arrangements. For 2017, the number of competing teams has been reduced to 60 with a further review in the coming months with the aim of reducing the final to 56 teams in 2018.

For 2017 there is also a change in the way qualifying teams are subsidised to attend the national final. For the 44 teams using air travel to Tweed Heads, the ABF will be purchasing airfares for 4 team members rather than providing cash subsidies. Ground transport cash subsidies will continue at existing levels for the teams located within reasonable driving distance of Tweed Heads.

The ABF and its travel manager, Corporate Traveller, has set up a dedicated GNOT registration website where ALL 60 teams must register to receive their air tickets and details of their ground transport cash subsidies. Once teams have qualified, players will receive an invitational email with a link to this registration website. Further details can be found here.

We will be getting in touch soon with information to populate our GNOT website on

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