Important Information for World Bridge Games – Wroclaw


Important Information for World Bridge Games – Wroclaw

To: All Captains, Coaches, Players and those individuals not in Australian representative teams but wishing to play in the World National Open, Women’s, Seniors & Mixed Pairs 

The following is information that you should make yourselves aware of for the forthcoming

World Bridge Games in Wroclaw:

Saturday 3 September – Saturday 17 September 2016 


Hala Stulecia or Centennial Hall

Address: Wystawowa 1, 51-618 Wrocław, Poland
Phone: +48 71 347 51 50 

Participants are urged to reserve their accommodation as early as possible in order to ensure that they can obtain the rates arranged by the Local Organising Committee and also so that they can reserve rooms as close to the venue as possible. Click here to go to the LOC website for the event where details of the hotels and rates etc. are available and through which bookings can be made. Information about the venue and the city can also be found on this website. 

The event comprises National Open, Women’s, Senior and Mixed Teams and Pairs Championships. 

There will be no limit on the number of pairs that each NBO may nominate to participate in the each of the four National Pairs events. 

The time schedule is

  • Saturday 3rd September – Opening Ceremony
  • Sunday 4th – Friday 9th September – National Teams round robin
  • Saturday 10th – Saturday 17th – Teams Knock-Out starting with a Round of 16
  • Saturday 10th registration for the National Pairs Championships
  • Sunday 11th – Tuesday 13th National Pairs Championships Qualification
  • Wednesday 14th – Thursday 15th Pairs Semi-Finals A & B
  • Friday 16th Pairs Finals A & B
  • Saturday 17th Pairs Final A
  • Saturday 17th Closing Ceremony


The General Conditions of Contest

The Supplemental Conditions of Contest

Players’ Commitment (PDF)

 Each player, NPC, Coach and any other team official is required to sign the Players’ Commitment form. In order to avoid confusion on site, each player and official is to sign a copy of the form and,  send it to Anna Gudge as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE that any players entering the World National Open, Women’s, Seniors & Mixed Pairs are required to sign the Players’ Commitment form.

Systems Registration: Systems for the Teams Championships (all series) at the World Bridge Games must be registered with the World Bridge Federation Systems Administrator, Anna Gudge by 31st July 2016. The conditions of contest will give full details of systems regulations and registration. Please note that no HUM systems or Brown Sticker conventions will be permitted at any stage of any of the Championships.

Anti-Doping Tests and TUE Certification Any of the players in the Open, Women’s and Mixed Teams may be required to take an anti-doping test during the Championships. Please ensure all players are fully aware of the Anti-Doping regulations and ensure that if they are taking ANY prohibited medication they should apply immediately for a TUE (Therapeutic Exemption Certificate) following very carefully the instructions regarding provision of their medical history and ensuring the doctor explains in detail why they are receiving a prohibited medication rather than a different type of medication that is not on the prohibited list. Please also ensure that they are aware of the dangers of taking supplementary over-the-counter medications.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR SENIORS: The WBF Anti-Doping Rules say that the Players considered to be International-Level Players for purposes of the Anti-Doping Rules are only the players participating in the Open, Women’s and Mixed Teams.



 The WBF are also updating their Facebook page regularly with additional information so if you go and “like” the page you should get updates on your own newsfeed.

Subsidies: A subsidy for members of Australian teams will be paid on the 1st July 2016 with Captains receiving a further $300. Teams that make the Round of 16 or later stages of the event will receive additional financial assistance of $150 per day for the time they remain in the main event. Players knocked out of their respective main event at the Round Robin stage may remain on and contest the World National Open, Women’s, Seniors & Mixed Pairs for which additional financial assistance of $100 per day is payable.

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