My ABF trialled in NSW


My ABF trialled in NSW

myABFThe ABF’s technology platform was rolled out in December and has been rebranded as My ABF.

My ABF allows any club to list a congress and accept online entries and payments. It also gives players a personalised login for your bridge activities from where you can:

  • Manage your personal details
  • View your masterpoints
  • View, enter, and pay for bridge events
  • See announcements from the ABF, your State and your Club.
  • Participate in bridge discussion forums
  • Run a “Bridge Credits” account with the ABF which you can put money into to pay for your bridge entries

All ABF members are encouraged to sign up and become a part of this exciting new development.

» Sign up to My ABF

In cooperation with the ABF the NSWBA will be trialling the My ABF Entry and Payments system for its Online Summer Matchpointed Swiss Pairs Congress on January 31 to be played on RealBridge.

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