New National sponsorship arrangement – Red Plum Automotive Brokering Service


New National sponsorship arrangement – Red Plum Automotive Brokering Service

Why use a Broker?

Buying through a professional car broker can deliver major advantages.  Our service is FREE for our clients – we get our commission from car dealerships.

What we do

We source new and pre-loved vehicles for individuals and organisations by dealing with an established network of car dealerships across Australia.  We find and negotiate better deals in less time, at no cost to you, saving you $$$ and stress.

Created with you in mind

Every step of our process serves to improve your car buying experience and ensures the purchase of your new car exceeds your expectations.

Save $$$, save time

We take care of all the details, up to and including delivery, using our networks and experience we negotiate on your behalf to save you time and money.

Customer Service

We take pride in understanding what it is YOU need and want.  Your good word is very important to us.

Extensive acquired knowledge

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the automobile industry is at your disposal, as we work hard to find you the right vehicle.  This experience is reflected not only in the price we will get for you, but in the ongoing service you’ll receive throughout the process.

Important checklist for buying a car

  1. Know your budget – this will ensure you aren’t tempted to look at cars you can’t afford.
  2. Research which car – Need vs Want, what to consider:
  3. How many seats and doors
  4. Automatic or manual
  5. Petrol / Diesel / Hybrid
  6. 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive
  7. Make and model
  8. Colours (exterior and interior / upholstery)
  9. New or pre-owned
  10. Accessories eg tow bar, roof racks, tint, etc…
  11. Test Drive – test drive your desired car/s, limit choice to 3 and drive consecutively. A test drive does not commit you to a dealer;  it’s ok to do your research.
  12. Do you want to trade a car and is there a payout figure on your trade? – contact your financier for the current amount and ‘valid until’ date.

Contact us:

Telephone:       07 3252 8865

Mobile:             0410 772 472



Motor Dealer Licence No 3589108

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