One-off PQP timing change


One-off PQP timing change

One-off PQP timing change: 2015 Spring Nationals and GNOT to count for both 2016 and 2017 Playoffs

Following consultation with players by the ABF Tournament Committee, changes were made to the timing and sequencing of the playoffs to select the Australian representative teams.  Beginning with the 2017 teams, the playoff for the Open team will be held in November of the preceding year, with the Women’s and Seniors’ playoffs to be held concurrently in December.

One important consequence of these changes is that the “PQP year” (i.e. the year in which PQPs will count towards qualification for the playoffs) will change.

For the playoffs in November/December 2016 (to select the Australian teams for 2017) and those in subsequent years, the “PQP year” will include some events played in that year and the preceding year (i.e. for the 2016 playoffs, some events in 2015 and some in 2016).

The first event in the new “PQP year” will be the Spring Nationals.  The last event will be the Hans Rosendorff.

As a one-off occurrence, the 2015 Spring Nationals and the 2015 GNOT will count in the “PQP years” for the Playoffs to determine both the 2016 and the 2017 Representative Teams.

10 July, 2015

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