PQPs for women pairs playing in open events


PQPs for women pairs playing in open events

The Tournament Committee, together with the International Player Performance Committee, has been considering ways of rewarding good performance by women’s pairs in open events.  The Tournament Committee seeks player feedback on the following proposal:


That pairs composed of two women receive Women’s PQPs in addition to any Open PQPs they may be awarded based on performance to a high standard in a small number of open teams events.


The standard of open events is generally considered higher than that of women’s events.  One way to improve the performance of Australia’s women’s teams in international events is to give them more exposure to higher-standard events in Australia.


In addition to any Open PQPs they may be awarded, 12 Women’s PQPs would be awarded to the top three all-female pairs in the SouthWest Pacific Teams, the Gold Coast Teams and the Spring National Open Teams, provided that these pairs:

  • * met the PQP board rule;
  • * met the pairs board rule; and
  • * finished in the top 20% of the modified datum calculated as IMPs/board. (This metric would minimise the impact of the choice of teammates and opponents.)

This trial be evaluated after two years, including by seeking further player feedback.

The events chosen for this trial were selected because they do not coincide with any women’s events.

Please send any feedback to playoffsdiscussion@abf.com.au before Monday 16 October.

Updated 8 September, 2017

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