Seniors Age


Seniors Age

On 19 August 2017, the World Bridge Federation announced that the minimum age to take part in WBF Seniors events will rise progressively from 60 to 65 over a period of years, starting with an increase from 60 to 61 in 2018.

The ABF will obviously need to take this into account in deciding the minimum age for Seniors events in Australia. However, given the short notice, the ABF will not make any change to the minimum age to enter the following Seniors events:

  • Bobby Evans Senior Teams – October 2017
  • Australian Seniors Playoffs – December 2017
  • National Seniors Teams – January 2018
  • Gold Coast Senior Pairs & Teams – February 2018

Tournament Organisers should make it clear to players who enter these events that if they are below the WBF qualifying age, they will not be eligible to seek to take part in WBF Senior events until they reach that age. This may mean those players cannot get Playoff Qualifying Point awards from these events.

Further details will be advised once the ABF has time to consider these changes.


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