Format for 2016 Australian Playoffs


Format for 2016 Australian Playoffs

Should the new format to select Australia’s representative teams be adopted for the playoffs to select the 2016 teams?

Following player feedback on a proposal from the Tournament Committee, the ABF will change the format for the playoffs to select Australia’s representative teams.

The new format will be used to select Australia’s teams for the 2017 World Bridge Championships (the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d’Orsi Trophy).  These playoffs will be held in November / December 2016.

The format – which will apply to the women’s and seniors’ playoffs as well as the open playoffs – is based on:

  • 128-board knockout matches, each played over two days;
  • teams ranked by PQPs for determining knockout brackets and tie breaking; and
  • a maximum entry of eight teams.

Further details will be provided later. In particular player input will be invited on the specific ranking formula.

Player feedback strongly supported adopting this new format for the playoffs to be held in February / March 2016 to select Australia’s teams for the World Bridge Games in 2016.

In the past the ABF has avoided making changes to formats once we have entered the period in which PQPs can be won, so as not to disadvantage potential playoff entrants.

Before adopting the new format for the February and March 2016 playoffs, the ABF is notifying all players with at least one PQP. The final decision will be taken as soon as possible after the end of the GNOT, which is the last 2015 PQP event.

If you believe you would be significantly disadvantaged by this proposed change or have any other comment, please contact the Tournament Committee (emails to as soon as possible. 


ABF Management Committee
16 October 2015.


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