The ABF requires a new National Marketing Officer


The ABF requires a new National Marketing Officer

We see this as a part time position for an enthusiastic and creative person who is above all adaptable, convincing and well versed in the recent technologies that reach our players at all levels of the game.



The position is part-time, taking up about 10-12 hours a week. The person will be based at, and work mainly from home, although the office hours will need to be supplemented with travel to visit states, territories, clubs and to attend ABF events.  It will also be important to liaise with ABF coordinators in related areas such as teaching and directing to combine marketing plans and initiatives. 


The position reports directly to a member of the ABF Management Committee, the executive arm of the ABF Council (akin to a board of directors) and provides regular reports to meetings of that Committee.

Main duties and responsibilities

The key tasks may be negotiable once the new marketing plan has been developed.  However, the main duties/responsibilities of the current position include:

  • discuss, develop and implement a National Marketing Plan 2018- 2020

          o   taking into account the ABF’s current Strategic Plan and Budget

  • managing the development and delivery of specific marketing campaigns to promote

          o   bridge and the ABF in the wider community

          o   ABF and national licensed events

          o   increased club memberships

          o   bridge to potential younger players

         o   the use of the latest technologies by clubs and events to improve the player experience

  • working with Tournament Organisers and coordinators responsible for teaching and directing to continue to develop modern and innovative programs, material, publications or other aids designed to encourage participation in the game at all levels.
  • develop meaningful performance indicators that track and evaluate marketing activity
  • manage our current sponsors and develop new sponsors.

Skills, attributes and experience

The new person will have the following mix of skills, attributes and experience:


  • enthusiasm and energy to promote the game of bridge to the wider community;
  • creativity and the ability to consider and develop innovative approaches;
  • loyalty to the services we are offering and the brand;
  • being able to tailor the message to suit the relevant audience;
  • adaptability – to be able to refocus marketing strategies quickly as circumstances change;
  • able to work as a team with other coordinators to develop common approaches to challenges;
  • some previous experience in a similar role/industry/service provision;
  • good organisational skills;
  • able to see the bigger picture;
  • knowledge of the game of bridge is helpful but not essential as this can be learned.


Expressions of interest are to be emailed to Allison Stralow, ABF Secretary by Friday 15 September



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