Vale Mike Robson


Vale Mike Robson

Mike passed away on 20th January 2020. He formed a playing partnership with Tony Jackman in the seventies which lasted for more than a decade. Mike and Tony were members of the 1973 Australian Open Team at the Far East Championships (now APBF). That year he also won the Australian Open Butler in the team of:
1973 P.Lavings-A.Reiner D.Middleton-R.Robertson A.Jackman-M.Robson

In 1977 he was a member of the Queensland team that won the Gold Coast Congress. The team was Tony Jackman/ Mike Robson, Ian Morris/ Mike Pemberton.

Mike Robson immigrated to Brisbane in 1966 and has been prominent in Brisbane ever since. Early on he played with such well-known players as Don Neill and Tom Landy, and then formed a partnership with Tony Jackman (193?-2018 RIP) in the seventies. They won the National Pairs in 1972 and represented Australia in 1973. For the last few decades his main partner in life and Bridge has been Betty Lee. Highlights of his career are listed below but include representing Queensland against two representative USA teams; against the Omar Sharif touring side; and in an Australian team which played against England and the Chinese Ladies team in 1998.

International Representation
2006 Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships – [with Betty Lee, Ralph Parker, Peter Hainsworth] 1998 England, Chinese Ladies, Australia Competition in Brighton UK – [with Tony Jackman, Jim Wallis, Ishmael Del’monte] 1973 Asia Pacific Federation Open Teams Championships

National Titles
2007 Interstate Seniors Pairs – [with Betty Lee] 1973 Australian Open Butler

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