World Wide Bridge Contest – June 5,6


World Wide Bridge Contest – June 5,6

A message from the WBF president Gianarrigo Rona concerning the World Wide Bridge Contest to be held on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June 2015

“The World Wide Bridge Contest is changing ! But not too much I am glad to say. This year we will only be providing the hands, travellers and commentary by email. I am sure you will appreciate that by doing this we can keep the costs down, as the printing and postage costs had become very high.

The commentary will, of course, be on the website as well as soon as the frequencies appear which is normally about mid-day UK time on the day after the event.

Mark Horton has written the commentary this time. As you know Mark has been Editor of Bridge Magazine for many years, and has worked on the Bulletin Team at more World Championships than I can remember, as well as for many other Zonal and National events, so I know we can expect a very entertaining booklet from him.

Anna Gudge will, as usual, be organising the event which will be scored by ECatsBridge.

And the good news is – because of this decision not to print and post booklets at all, we are able to keep the costs to the players down – you (or your clubs) will be able to pay in dollars, Euros or British Pounds and the entry fee will be just US$ 2 / €1.70 or GBP £1.30 per player.

We will, as last year, be using the event to raise funds for our various Youth Projects, which include assisting young players from less developed countries to participate in our Youth Championships, the development of a teaching program for young people together with various other projects to encourage youngsters to learn this wonderful game that we all enjoy so much.

Please help us by encouraging as much participation as you can in this fun and enjoyable event. And please continue to award your own Master Points to so that players see some reward for their participation. WBF Year Points will, as always be awarded and for those of you who wish it, Anna will prepare Heat Winner Certificates for you to print out and present to the players.

We plan to start advertising the event to individual clubs very shortly, but it would really help if you could also contact the clubs in your own country to inform them about the event so that they are aware of your support. I feel sure I can rely on you for this.”

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