Would you like to represent Australia in the World Mixed Teams?


Would you like to represent Australia in the World Mixed Teams?

The 2016 World Bridge Games, to be held in Wroclaw, Poland in September 2016, will include a Mixed Teams championship. Unlike usual Australian practice, every partnership in a mixed team must be mixed.
The ABF does not have an established selection procedure for mixed teams. For 2016, mixed pairs are invited to express interest in participating in Australia’s representative team by sending an email to Jane Rasmussen <secretariat@abf.com.au>. The closing date will be 31 March 2016.
Players who qualify for the 2016 Open, Women’s or Senior teams will be ineligible.
The pairs expressing interest will be ranked based on PQPs won in 2015 (as though for the open panel for men; as though for the women’s panel for women; for this purpose, women are not required to join the women’s panel, and a woman’s Open and eligible Senior PQPs will be recognised regardless of whether she has any Women’s PQPs), with the usual deduction (50%) for PQPs not won playing together.  
The highest-ranked three pairs will be invited to form a team. Ties will be broken by evidence of past experience of playing together. The ABF will offer a subsidy of AU$1,000 per player plus payment of entry fees.
Pairs who express interest are not committed to accepting an invitation if they receive one. Players can withdraw and nominate with a different partner. Currently the three highest ranked nominations are:

Pauline Gumby and Warren Lazer
Cathryn Herden and Matthew Thomson
Margaret Bourke and David Hoffman


Mixed Pair PQP Calculator

Updated March 28, 2016

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