What should I bid? (August 2014)


What should I bid? (August 2014)

The best submission for August came from Sid Reynolds. He wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridge Books.

West North East South
1NT X Pass Pass
XX Pass 2 ?

1NT = Weak 12-14
X = 14+pts
Pass (by E) = forces XX
Pass (by S) = denies 0-5 pts and 6+suit
2 = 4 hearts and 4 other (variations out there)

Are the following 3 calls (to be made by South) correct?

  • 2 = 6+pts and 5+Spades
  • Double = 6+pts and no 5+ unbid suit (Take-out)
  • Pass = weak 0-5 pts, or Penalty Pass awaiting X.

Hi Sid,

Unfortunately there are no “right” or “wrong” answers here, it is ultimately up to you and your partnership to agree on the meaning of those bids (for example, X can be either takeout or penalty, depending on what your partnership prefers). Something that you might like to discuss in this type of situation (after a penalty X over 1NT) is what level the partnership is forced to when the opponents run. What I normally like to play is that if my side has made a penalty double against the opponent’s 1NT and they have started to run, my partner and I are forced up to and including 2. What this means is, the auction cannot die out at 2 or 2 or 2 unless it is doubled. With this agreement, you can then safely pass 2 to allow partner to X (whether that be takeout or penalty upon agreement).

One thing to note here is that a 2 bid here by South would (should) be non-forcing, so it should show 5+ spades and maybe 5-7 points (not “6+ pts” as that would logically mean that the 2 bid is forcing).

Hope that helps,

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