What should I bid? (December 2017)


What should I bid? (December 2017)

The best submission for December came from Kevin Chen . He wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridge Books.

Board 1, Dealer North, Nil Vul





West North East South
  1 3 Pass
4 4 All pass  

We, NS, play two over one.

Question 1: Should North open 1 or 2?

Question 2: How can NS get to 7 or 7?


Hi Kevin

1) With the North’s hand, I would open 2. Note that the 2 opening is not always about the HCP, but it can also be the number of tricks we have in our hand. North’s hand is very powerful (3-4 losers), and after a 1 opening, it could well be possible that no one can bid, so I do not want to be passed out in 1.

2) Even after a 2 opening, it’s still very difficult to find a grand slam if the opponents continue to overcall 3 and raise to 4. Then again, it’s always difficult to bid a grand slam in any auction where both opponents have bid!
I would expect the auction to be something like:


It’s slightly pushy for South to have cuebid with 5, but the singleton club along with Qxx support is probably worth it. North then cuebids 5 and South bids 5. North might try for another push with a cuebid of 6, and now it might be possible for South to cuebid 6 to show third round control in hearts (since he didn’t cuebid 5 previously, he won’t have first or second round control in hearts), and now that might propel North to bid 7.

Like I said, it’s very easy when looking at both hands, but I would think getting to 6 would be a fantastic result especially when the opponents have bid. (Note that grand slam is decent, but it still requires a bit of luck in the heart suit.)

Kind regards,

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