What should I bid? (February 2014)


What should I bid? (February 2014)

The best submission for February came from Albert Braunstein. He wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridge Books.

Sitting as North, IMPS, Both Vulnerable, West the dealer



West North East South
3 Dbl 4 4
Pass ?

What do you bid?

Hi Albert,

If 5 is Exclusion Key Card Blackwood, I would do that. If not, then I might just bid 4NT RKCB anyway.

The way I feel about this hand is that I am always going to slam. But whether to bid a grand slam or not depends on how much accuracy I can get from here. If I cuebid with 5, we can cuebid all day long but would the partnership be confident about bidding grand? If I bid 4NT RKCB and find out partner has two keycards and the queen of trumps, would I guess that partner most likely does not have the A as one of the keycards, and therefore search for a grand?

If I’m not able to bid 5 Exclusion Keycard, then I will probably just bid 4NT RKCB and if I find that partner has 1+Queen, then I will bid 6. I am not a big fan of bidding grand slams unless I have about 90%+ certainty, and given that I won’t have that, I will be content with a slam. I don’t want to bash 6 in the unlikely event that partner shows up with 1 keycard and no Queen. Actually, if partner has 1 keycard with no Queen, I might bid the slam regardless since if partner doesn’t have the Queen, he rates to hold five or more Hearts anyway. Maybe he has something like Qx KTxxx Jxxx Kx.


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