What should I bid? (July 2013)


What should I bid? (July 2013)

The best submission for July came from Albert Braunstein. He wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridge Books.




1 P 1 1
2 P 3 P
4 P ?

What would you bid on this hand at teams?
Albert Braunstein

Hi Albert,

I think there are 2 possible options. Firstly, you can probably just bid 4NT keycard and find out which level you belong to. Second option is to bid 5NT pick a slam.

Regardless of which option is taken, I do think you have to move towards slam. I don’t think my partner can have something like 2-2-4-5 with 15 or 16 points because I would expect my partner to have opened a strong NT with that. Therefore I think partner might be something like 1-2-4-6 with at least 15 and two small hearts, or a 2-2-4-5 with a bad 17 or something like that (with any other shapes or strengths with a strong heart raise such as 1-3-4-5 I would expect partner to have bid 3 instead of 4).

I think I would personally bid 5NT as a pick a slam. If partner has two small hearts and ‘picks’ 6, then I would expect a club slam to be much much better (for example, if partner has [x xx AQJx AKJ10xx] or even [Kx xx AQxx AKJ10x]), and if partner has weaker clubs with say Kx of hearts, partner would pick 6 in that case.


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