What should I bid? (July 2021)


What should I bid? (July 2021)

The best submission for July came from Pravin Nahar. He wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridgegear.

All Vul
N Dealer
K Q 5 3 2
A K 7 6 4 2
10 9 7 5
8 7
A K 7 5 4 2
[ 13 ] K 8 4 3 2
10 9 4
Q J 8 6
  A Q J
A J 6
9 3
Q J 9 5 3

West North East South
  1 Pass 2
2 4 Pass 5
Pass 6 Pass Pass

Hi Andy

This is a hand I played as North at our local club (Pairs scoring) in Newcastle last week. We play a modified Acol system when 1 opening shows 4+. I think most people will agree with 1 opening even with 5–6 in Hearts and Clubs. The problem arose with the 2 intervention by West.

My thoughts were:
3 – that would be just a competitive minimum with 4 clubs.
4 – may be taken as limit raise and partner may pass.

I bid 4 as minorwood agreeing Clubs and my partners 5 response showed 2 Keycards and Q. I signed off in 6 while 6 (best score) is cold. Can you suggest how it might be possible to reach 6 after the 2 bid by West?

Hi Pravin,

Given the agreements, I think the best rebid by North would be a 3 Splinter (if possible) showing a singleton or void in spades with strong club support. The reason being is that South may be as weak as 10-12 points or so, and at least it now opens up the possibility that South may be able to bid 4 over the 3S splinter and play there (i.e. imagine South’s A was a small spade, now 4 is the best game to play in, better than being in 5).

In any case, I would say it is perfectly fine to be in 6 on this deal. Whilst it’s true that 6 would score better, but it’s easy to visualise that 6 could be a cold off slam – imagine South’s J was a small heart and hearts broke 4-1, now you want to be in 6 instead of 6. The problem is, how does N/S find out if their partner has the J? The answer is they can’t, so in these slam decisions, I would say it is always better (and safer) to play in the better and stronger trump fit. Besides, not every table would get to slam so I would say getting to 6 should yield an average-plus board.

Hope that helps,

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