What should I bid? (July 2022)


What should I bid? (July 2022)

The best submission for July came from Kaiping Chen. He wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridgegear.

NS Vul
N Dealer
Q J 9 7 4 2
A 4
K J 7 3
10 8 6 5
Q 5 3
K Q 5 3
10 6
[ 5 ] A
A 10 7 4 2
J 10 9 7 6
4 2
  K 3
K J 9 8
8 2
A Q 9 8 5

West North East South
  1 2 X
3 Pass Pass X
Pass Pass    

1) What is wrong here?

2) What is the best bidding solution?

3) Is the first double saying a good hand but no fit? If yes then at least how strong need to promise for this double?

4) What is the second double best agreement basing on the first double definition?

Thank you.
Kaiping Chen

Hi Kaiping,

This is a typical auction where the partnership has to agreement what the subsequent doubles mean after doubling a conventional Michaels Cuebid (or even against the conventional Unusual 2NT). There is no “right” or “wrong” answer, so it is up to partnership agreement.

As for the first double of the 2 Michael Cuebid, it is definitely good to play it to show a good hand (roughly 10+HCP) and typically without support for opener’s major (rare circumstances you may have a fit, but you think there’s a potential option to go for a luxurious penalty).

Looking at this auction, assuming the subsequent X is penalties, then my comments are:

(1) North should bid 3 directly over 3. With a singleton, it is very likely that the opponents have at least an 8-card fit (if not, then 9+ fit), and that even if partner has some heart values, we may not get rich defending 3X. Also, if we pass, sometimes we may miss out on our 6-2 fit (imagine we pass and South chooses to bid 3NT instead of doubling, then as North we’d have no idea whether we can remove that to 4 or not).

(2) If North does pass, then I think South should bid 3NT instead of X. Although it is a little risky with xx in diamonds, but there’s no reason for West to know which minor suit East has (if anything, West will more likely be short in clubs [our longest minor suit], and may think his partner has clubs). South has to now decide whether to go for the vulnerable game of 3NT, or try defend 3X. It actually is a bit unlucky that on the hand South chose 3X and as it so happens the Q is with West, and that both sides have a double fit, but on another day North might have more/stronger diamonds and 3X might easily go for -500.

Overall I would say the result was a little unlucky, but N/S should definitely give strong consideration in going for their own vulnerable game, if the penalty may be a bit small.


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