What should I bid? (June 2013)


What should I bid? (June 2013)

The best submission for June came from Ben Kingham. He wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridge Books.

Hand: Dealer West, Nil Vulnerable:



P P 1 P
1 P 2 P

Pick up partnership playing standard.
What is your call?

Hi Ben,

I would pass at all forms of scoring. At first you might think it may depend on what you rebid with a 1=4=5=3 shape (some would rebid 1NT, some 2), but the actual fact is that we are not vul and partner opened in 3rd seat. We only have xx in diamonds (no honours) so I think it is against the odds to push on further with this hand. Given the ten of spades you might try and gamble on a 2 rebid in matchpoint scoring, but I would personally pass since it feels like if spades are making 8 tricks then diamonds would likely make 9 tricks anyway.

Also, I am not afraid of missing a game (if any exists, it can only be in spades). If partner has an unbalanced 6331 shape with 3 card spade support, sometimes with the right type of hand partner would raise to 2 instead of rebidding 2. And with a good 6 card diamond suit with a 14 count that also consists of 3 card spade support, that hand type should be rebidding 3 (for example [Kxx  x  AKJxxxx  Kx]). Therefore, I would consider missing a possible 4 game quite remote.

I know I mentioned this above, but I really dislike hanging partner when they opened in 3rd seat at nil vul so a good amount of leeway should be given to partner. It’s true that if partner has opened light, the opponents have been abnormally silent but I wouldn’t call that unusual. We have a 10 count, give partner 9-10 and the high-cards could be spread evenly amongst both sides.

Finally, although not that strong of a factor, but I am assuming that with some 6322 hands with a 14 count, partner would sometimes have upgraded that into a strong No-trump.

Hope that helps,


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