What should I bid? (May 2015)


What should I bid? (May 2015)

The best submission for May came from Barbara Travis. She wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridge Books.

EAST: Dealer West, NS Vul

K 7 2
A 4
A K 9 5 4 3 2

West North East South
2* 3 ?

*2 is a mini multi – showing 3-7 HCP, 6+ card Major

This is a 2-part question:
1. What do you bid over 3? Why?

Assuming partner held spades (more likely than hearts), I chose to bid 3NT hoping my long clubs would come good.

2. Auction now:

West North East South
2* 3 3NT 4
Pass Pass ?

Your bid again?

Now you know partner holds hearts (I think it’s impossible for her suit to to hold 6 spades, plus me to have the A, and South to bid 4 vulnerable)… What do you bid? Why?

Assuming partner had hearts, I thought that partner would double if she had wastage in spades, so I chose to bid 6.

NS Vul
W Dealer
10 6
A 3
K Q 10 6 5 3
Q J 7
K 9 7
J 10 9 8 5 4
8 7 2
[ 12 ] A
K 7 2
A 4
A K 9 5 4 3 2
  Q J 8 5 4 3 2
Q 6
J 9
10 6

But the MAIN QUESTION is, what is the best bid over the 3 overcall?


Hi Barbara,

1) I would also bid 3NT – I also agree that partner is more likely to hold spades, and if that’s the case, 3NT has more upsides. I did give 3 (assuming it’s Pass-or-Correct) a slight thought, given that we can still get to 3NT when partner corrects to 3, or if partner passes out 3 (having hearts instead) the opponents will have a spade fit and 3 will still be OK, but I thought if partner has hearts, we would still lose out on a good shot in 3NT.

2) This is a bit difficult, and it would depend on several (partnership) factors. For example, is this a ‘forcing pass’ auction? If it is, what kind of hands should a “3-7 point hand” double on, and what hands should they pass on (because 3NT does not promise a fit in the major, it is likely to be based on a long minor)? For instance, you mentioned that partner should [would] double with wastage in spades with Kxx, but let’s say next time partner has a 2=6=3=2 hand with xx spades. Would partner pass? Or if pass is encouraging (encouraging to what, I’m not sure), then should she double to prevent us from bidding onto the 5-lvl with Qx or Kx of spades?

The other factor is, what style have partner and I agreed on for a Mini-Multi bid at first seat not vulnerable against vulnerable? Could it potentially be on a 5-card suit? If it’s always a 6-card suit, what are the requirements for suit quality? For example, are we allowed to open 2 on xx 109xxxx KQxx x ?

Essentially, I feel that this auction does not constitute as a forcing pass auction because the opener has no idea what responder (we) have. Because on another day, at not vul. vs. vul, we might have bid 3NT on a gambling hand with AKQ to 7 in a minor and Kx of diamonds and a side random Qx or something, and we would not want to double 4. Given that the opponents have bid 3 and 4 at vulnerable, usually they’re a bit serious about it, so from the Mini-multi opener’s point of view, s/he would not know who can make what. This does not mean I would pass 4 with the West’s cards, in fact, West probably has the ideal hand to double 4 (Kxx spades as well as a club singleton to lead).

So…as to what I would bid? I am leaning towards a pragmatic 5. Unless I expect a decent suit from partner, then I feel that 6 would more likely than not get us into more trouble than 5. Even if partner’s hearts were QTxxxx, then 6 can still be in deep trouble on a diamond lead.


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