What should I bid? (November 2020)


What should I bid? (November 2020)

The best submission for November came from Peter Munro. He wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridgegear.

Nil Vul
W Dealer
K 10 9 7 5
J 6 4
4 3 2
4 2
A J 8 2
A Q 10 3
A 10 7
K 5
[ 8 ] Q 4 3
K 8
K Q 9 8 5
A 10 3
9 7 5 2
J 6
Q J 9 8 7 6

West North East South
1 Pass 2 Pass
2 Pass 3NT All Pass


I was sitting West. We play Standard American. How might we bid to slam?


Hi Peter,

I am guessing the partnership does not play Inverted Minors (where 2 shows 10+ with a fit, and 3 shows 6-9 with a fit) as East would have started with 2 instead of 2.

In any case, the main problem is that neither W nor E had both shown their strength. From West’s perspective East might just have 10HCP, and from East’s perspective, West might just have 15. 

Although a major fit may be missed, I would recommend West to make a jump rebid of 3NT to show the 18-19NT. That way, East knows the combined point range to start off with. In fact, if East does have a 4-card major, he is expected to have 12+hcp as with anything less, East would presumably have started with a 1Major response (knowing that <12hcp is not good enough to bid 2C followed by a responder’s reverse of 2Major). In that case, over West’s 3NT 18-19, East can still bid 4Major to check on a potential 4-4 fit.

On this hand, East would likely just bid 6 over West’s 3NT knowing that playing in a fit is better than NT in case the extra trick will come from a ruff. Of course, the auction would be different had East started off with an inverted 2 (where eventually E/W will be able to check on key cards).

Hope that helps,



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