What should I bid? (October 2013)


What should I bid? (October 2013)

The best submission for October came from Justin Howard. He wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridge Books.

Dealer at favourable vulnerability:




1 2* 5
 6 ?


5 = I can basically make 5 (9-10 Tricks – solid tricks or something tactical)
What do you do?

Hi Justin,

Interesting problem 🙂

Given that we’re favourable, I’m going to go out on the limb and bid 7. I’m guessing LHO’s second suit is clubs and it feels like the opponents can still make 12 tricks on a cross-ruff even on a trump lead. Therefore, I hope to either push them into 7 in which I will lead a trump (unless partner doubles it to indicate a [club] void, but RHO may also be void there as well…) and hope to beat it, or if 7X is the final contract, hope that it will not be a phantom save!

How does that go?


Bingo – Partner has 10 solid hearts and a diamond so 7X only goes for -300 as 6 makes 13 tricks if no trump lead.

Dummy has 6 spades and 7 clubs.


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