What should I bid? (October 2019)


What should I bid? (October 2019)

The best submission for October came from Viv Wood. She wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridgegear.

Dlr: S
Vul: N-S



West North East South
Pass Pass Pass Pass

Hi Andy,

I opened the south hand 2 showing only a weak option either in H’s or S’s.

Partner passed, his theory is if undoubled in this situation where he is sure I will be playing opposite his singleton, it will have the best outcome.

2 went down seven for -700. It wasn’t a pick up, teamies did very well to get to 5’s making for +420.

Interested in your opinion on:
a) Should I pass the south hand rather than lie about trump length with the 2 opening bid?
b) What do you think of passing the 2?

Hi Viv,

I think South’s hand is not quite right for a preempt. I can see some negative factors:
– It’s a 7-card suit
– The suit isn’t that offensive (A-empty as opposed to, say, QJT9), since it’s a good suit to have on defence
– It has Kxx spades

I understand the thought about not preempting at 3 and open 2 instead due to the vulnerability, but since our hand is very much playable in spades, I’d be inclined to pass. It’s not that I consider the 3-card major a negative, it’s just that it is Kxx spades and A-to seven hearts which make it a combined negative. It’s also not so much about having an extra heart – I would open 2 with say Kx KJ9xxxx xx xx. Anyway having said that, preempts can always work so it doesn’t matter too much whether you open it or not.

Over the 2 opening, I think partner should definitely bid 2 pass or correct. Especially at this vulnerability, passing 2 is not a good idea (as per the table result!). It might be an OK idea when favourable but I would still probably be against it – who says 2 is going to be doubled? Sometimes hearts are 3-3 and no one can penalty double(pass). Holding 3 HCP and partner opening a weak two in a major, it’s unlikely we’ll play in 2 undoubled (except at these colours where it is bad for us), so I would tend to just do the “down the line” action and bid 2.

Hope that helps,

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