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ABF Marketing Research

One of the goals of the ABF Marketing Sub-Committee is to initiate a research program to enable improvement in marketing activities with initial priority given to building on the ABF’s understanding of both existing and potential members.

To date, the following research activity has been undertaken:

  1. Research with 170 existing ABF members at the Summer Festival of Bridge in January 2011 PDF File by way of a questionnaire.
  2. Research with participants at Youth Week was undertaken in January 2011 by way of a series of one-on-one interviews and also using questionnaires.
  3. One-on-one interviews with 12 social club players (Brisbane).
  4. A questionnaire was forwarded to all affiliated clubs in March 2011. Information from this process has helped to inform strategies developed by the ABF National Teaching Coordinator and also issues outlined in the marketing tips developed for our clubs.
  5. Research undertaken with 23 Novice competitors at the 2012 Summer Festival of Bridge PDF File
  6. Feedback from Rookie event at 2013 Gold Coast Congress PDF File
  7. Research undertaken with Super-Novice players (<20 masterpoints) at the 2014 Summer Festival of Bridge PDF File
  8. Research undertaken with non-novice competitors at the SFOB in January 2014 PDF File
  9. Research undertaken with Super-Novice players (<20 masterpoints) at the 2015 Summer Festival of Bridge PDF File