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ABF Contacts

Position Name
President Bruce Neill
Treasurer Roy Nixon
Secretary Allison Stralow
Secretariat Jane Rasmussen
General Counsel Russel Harms
National Recorder John Brownie
National Event Coordinators
(formerly called National Tournament Coordinators)
Laurie Kelso and Matthew McManus
National Director Development Officer John McIlrath
Chief Tournament Director NEC’s
Tournament Committee Chairman  David Morgan
Masterpoints David Weston
Newsletter Editor Barbara Travis
Archives (Results) Alan Walsh and Barbara McDonald
What should I bid? Andy Hung
Webmaster Pauline Gumby
Librarian Tim Bourke
Historian Keith Ogborn
PQP Composer John Scudder
ABF Convention Card Assistance Rex Livingston
VuGraph Unit Ray Ellaway and Traian Chira
Archivist Margaret Bourke
Head of Marketing Peter Cox
National Teaching Coordinator Joan Butts
Appeals Coordinator Sebastian Yuen
National Youth Coordinator Dave Thompson
ABDA* Secretary Matt Raj Mal
ABDA* President Sean Mullamphy

*Australian Bridge Directors Association