What should I bid? (August 2023)


What should I bid? (August 2023)

The best submission for August came from Robin Tregenza. She wins a voucher of $30, funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at Paul Lavings Bridgegear or The Bridge Shop.

Nil Vul
N Dlr


West North East South
  1 Pass 1
Pass 1NT Pass 3
Pass Pass Pass  

I was thinking that 3 would be forcing. Given my spades weren’t great I was dubious about rebidding them. What bids are forcing here? What do you recommend as my rebid. I did want to go to game, so perhaps 4 is better, but I was worried that partner might hold a singleton spade – which is possible in the 1NT rebid – and my spades weren’t great. Thanks.

Hi Robin,

Thanks for writing in. Responder’s second bid after opener rebids 1NT can be a matter of style. Generally, I think most people who play naturally would play 2-level bids as non-forcing and 3-level bids as forcing.

If you play a ‘checkback’ convention such as new minor forcing or 2-way checkback, then you can have more flexibility to show invitational and game forcing hands, and reserve the 3-level for 5-5 hands – super useful here!

I can absolutely understand your reluctance to shoot straight to 4 if partner potentially has a singleton. In these situations, I always consider how likely it is that partner has a singleton spade vs something going wrong if I bid 3. If you’re playing with a regular partner then I would lean toward 3, but if it’s a first-time or new partnership then I might just bid 4 to protect against anything strange happening. And from your question it sounds like if your hand was AKJxxx x x QTxxx you would bid 4 regardless, which I agree with – you don’t care so much if partner has a singleton there.

As an aside, if North thinks that 3 is natural and invitational (assuming 2 would be natural and non-forcing) then I think they should bid 3NT and you could correct to 4, leaving no doubt about the shapeliness of your hand.


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