What should I bid? (February 2013)


What should I bid? (February 2013)

The best submission for February was from Maura Rhodes. She wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridge Books.

Hand:     Dealer North, E/W Vulnerable, Pairs. I was South:



Pass 2 ?
Comments:      2 was described as 5 spades with a 5 card side suit, weak. What is my bid, please, Andy?

Andy’s Reply:

Hi Maura,

Not a pretty problem at all! I think the possible options are (a) 2NT overcall, (b) 3 overcall, and (c) Pass. 2NT has the advantage of getting your right strength across but obviously the main drawback is the singleton club (the singleton might be OK since it is a king) and possibly the 5 card heart suit if you don’t play Puppet Stayman. A 3 overcall has the advantage of getting your 5th heart across, but the disadvantage is that your hand isn’t really all about “hearts” as you might belong in NT’s or diamonds. And finally, pass is an interesting choice, and I think it is the one that I will choose. Partner’s a passed hand and the opponents are vul at pairs. I think our hand has lots of defence so even if the auction gets passed out, I rate our chances to take this contract off 1, and hopefully even 2 off for a juicy +200. Given that we have lots of trump control, taking this contract two off shouldn’t be a rarity.

If the auction continues 3 (Pass or Correct) by West passed to me, or if West bids 2NT (asking) and East bids 3 to me, I will then double for takeout.



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