What should I bid? (February 2022)


What should I bid? (February 2022)

The best submission for February came from Kaiping Chen. He wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridgegear.

Nil Vul
W Dealer
9 8
A J 7 3
J 6 4
J 7 4 3
10 6 5 4
K 8 2
10 9 8
9 6 5
[ 8 ] K Q J 3 2
10 5
K Q 5 3
8 2
  A 7
Q 9 6 4
A 7 2
A K Q 10

West North East South
Pass Pass 1 X
2 Pass Pass X
Pass 3 All Pass  

1) What is wrong in the auction? Who’s wrong?

2) Should North double after 2? Some say double means both minors.

3) Can North bid 3 after 2? Should 3 show 5 hearts?

4) Should South raise to 4 after 3. South argues he already doubled twice and 3 does not promise strength so he must pass.

5) Normally how strong is the South hand after doubling twice? And after South’s second double should North bid 4 not just 3?

6) Can Lebensohl apply after 2? Say: Double=both minors, competitive; 3 is 5 hearts and NF, maybe 7-11 points, competitive; 2NT Lebensohl to 3 and rebid 3 showing just 4 hearts and some points, say 7-11 point, competitive? And more?

7) Could you provide a biding sequence after(1M)X(2M) for us?


Hi Kaiping,

1) I don’t think anyone is “wrong” on this auction as it may depend on partnership agreements. For example, over South’s second double, North still has the opportunity to either bid 3 directly, or via 2NT (if it’s 2 places to play) and over 3, ‘correct’ it to 3. Although North is limited to his pass over 2, but it is still possible to differentiate whether North is completely broke or not.

2) This depends on partnership agreement. The default I would say is X=responsive, tends to deny 4+ in the other major. There is no ‘best’ agreement, so it requires partnership discussion.

3) As above, requires partnership agreement.

4) This will depend on whether North is able to differentiate strength over South’s second double.

5) Second double by South does show extra values, but it certainly doesn’t promise 19 HCP. For example, if South has 1444, then even 14/15 HCP is fine trying to compete to the 3-level.

6) Yes, you can certainly play some artificial convention directly over West’s 2 raise, such as Lebensohl. How you want to play it is up to your partnership agreement – there is no one “best” way.

7) I can understand North’s pass over 2 given the three jacks (if those three jacks were a minor suit king, then that would be a different story). Over South’s second double, if North is able to show some values (either via direct 3, or via 2NT-then-3 depending on partnership agreement, that ideally being able to show some extra values is best. If no agreements are at play, then it’s pretty much a guess for South as to whether to raise to 4 or pass.


Kind regards


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