What should I bid? (March 2022)


What should I bid? (March 2022)

The best submission for March came from Mette Salom. She wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridgegear.

EW Vul
E Dealer
J 6
A K 10 9 8
J 6 5 4
K 7
7 6 2
A K Q 8
A Q 8 4 2
[ 6 ] A Q 10 9 5 3
J 10 9 6 5
  K 7 4 2
J 5 4 3
10 9 7 2

West North East South
1 1 1 2
3 Pass 3 Pass
Pass Pass Pass  


We play (as we have been taught) to favour Major, then NT and then Minor if nothing else can be done.

West was showing a 5 clubs and 4 diamonds and 16HCP+ by bidding 3. East was showing 11HCP and 6 spades by bidding 3. The discussion we have is: Should East have supported West and bid 5 without exploring the possibility of being in spades?

Kind Regards


Hi Mette,

I think the auction was fine up until East’s 3 bid. Once West has shown a distributional hand with 4+5+, East’s massive 5-card support should take it to 5 for sure. Not only is it unlikely for there to be a spade fit, but even if there is a spade fit it may only make 10/11 tricks whereas a slam in clubs might be possible. Majors before minors is definitely a good advice to adhere to, but once you have located a big fit in the minors with potential for a slam (i.e. have distribution), then you should stick your guns to that minor suit!

Kind regards


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