What should I bid? (May 2023)


What should I bid? (May 2023)

The best submission for May came from Del Ford. She wins a voucher of $30, funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at Paul Lavings Bridgegear or The Bridge Shop.

NS Vul
S Dealer
J 7 5
J 10 9 5 2
J 7 5
7 5
A K 4
A K 6 3
10 9
A 8 6 3
[ 15 ] Q 9 2
7 4
A K 6 3
K Q 10 9
  10 8 6 3
Q 8
Q 8 4 2
J 4 2

West North East South
1 Pass 1 Pass
2NT Pass 3NT Pass
Pass Pass    

Hi Lauren,
We’re keeping you busy and greatly appreciate the feedback. This board was played at Beaumont Monday 15 May. I sat West, Partner East. 11 tricks were made in NT but 12 are there. How do we find the Club slam? We played Standard, Short Club. Gerber is in the System and RKC. As East I would have asked for Aces and Kings and the answers would suggest 6NT but there is a Club Grand Slam.

Hi Del,
Thanks for sending in another interesting problem.
As East, after my partner showed 18-19 HCP with their 2NT bid, I would definitely be going for slam. Minor suit slams are a lot trickier to bid than majors, because it’s tougher to find a fit at a lower level, set trumps and keycard like you might in hearts or spades – especially when you have two balanced hands opposite each other.
The trick here is using the 5NT bid (which I’m sure wouldn’t have been on your or your partner’s radar, and fair enough). Many partnerships play a jump to 5NT as ‘pick a slam’, i.e. you know that you want to play in a small slam, but aren’t sure which strain would be best. The idea is that partner can bid the lowest suit they’re happy to play in (holding 4+ cards), and then you’ll pass if you’re happy with it or bid another suit as an offer to partner, with the fallback position of 6NT if you don’t discover a fit.
In this case, your partner would bid 6 on their 4-card suit, and you’d pass as you have found a fit. If they had, for example, a 4423, they would bid 6 and you would correct to 6NT with confidence that you’re not missing a fit in a minor.
If you do agree to play 5NT as ‘pick a slam’, note that it should be a jump to 5NT, and if used in a 4NT/RKCB auction it should retain its usual meaning as a king ask. It should only be ‘pick a slam’ if you haven’t agreed a trump suit. More information and helpful examples can be found on several websites.

Keep the submissions coming!

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